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So you still want to order Store Returns? No problem. Just don't say that we didn't tell you not to get involved with store returns!

Let us give you the rundown on what store returns is through several different scenarios:

Scenario #1

Mr. Smith buys a DVD Player from Circuit City to see a new DVD that was just released. He uses it for 30 days and then returns it to the store because he has no use for it any longer. This is now a store return.

Scenario #2

Ms. Johnson buys a pair of Nike sneakers at JC Penney. She uses them for 2 weeks, every day running 5 miles in them in the rain. After 2 weeks, the shoes now look like they have been used for over a year, with holes, marks and dirty laces. She takes them back to the store and explains that they are not comfortable and that the color came out in the washing machine. This is now a store return.

Scenario #3

Mr. Gold buys a newset of dishes and wine glasses from High End Dept Store's. On the way home, he accidentally drops the boxes and most of the items inside break. He takes this back to the store, claiming that the items were broken when he got home. This is now a store return.

All of the above scenarios are store returns. The problem is that when you are buying the store returns and salvage merchandise, you have no idea if your merchandise will be the nice DVD Player in the original box in almost new condition or the broken glasses and used sneakers.

Chances are you will get the damaged merchandise. After being in the business for many years, we know what the ratio of good to bad is.

You will not get 10% damaged merchandise!

You will not get 25% damaged merchandise!

You will not get 50% damaged merchandise!

That's right! There will be about 10-20% salvageable merchandise that won't need to be thrown away, and that's a good load! There are loads where 100% of the merchandise is thrown away. Yes, 100%, which means a total loss for you.

Why gamble on store returns when Closeouts World assures you new merchandise always with 0% damaged and 0% thrown away.

100% New Merchandise


Online Showroom | Request Product List  | Export
Store Returns |  Shopping Cart

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